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Malkin Moonlight, Emma Cox       Age 8+

Malkin is a Hero. He just doesn’t know it yet. On his third life, Malkin falls in love with a Domestic, Roux. Together they explore the night and have adventures. But when her owners decide to move away Roux chooses to become a Wild and live with Malkin.  Setting out to find a new home, they stumble across a recycling centre full of cats – at war.  Can Malkin realise his destiny and find a way to bring peace to the land?

Malkin Moonlight has a difficult start to life but is blessed and encouraged by the Moon, who helps him realise he is destined for greatness.  Danger is never far away but when he is rescued by Roux, Malkin falls head over heels in love and their romance blossoms.  Malkin proves his heroic nature time and again, helping out animals in distress and befriending all he meets.  Learning from each other, both Roux and Malkin discover bravery and new skills – Roux even teaches Malkin to read! Their perfect union is blessed by the Moon who gives them the mark of a wedding ring on their paws.  But Roux is a Domestic and not used to the ways of the Wild; it’s only her love for Malkin that draws her to his side and leads them on the path of adventure.  The call to the Wild is strong and finally Malkin and Roux search for a place they can call home.  On finding the recycling centre, they make many new friends each with their own story. But all is not what it seems and Malkin will have to confront his greatest fears and formidable enemies if he is to save the one he loves, unite the warring cats and create a peaceful home for all.

This is a lovely classic adventure story, with a gentle narrative that draws the reader in to the wonderful world of cats.  Malkin is a delightful character, full of charm and very humble about his heroic deeds.   The Moon has seen Malkin’s heart for helping others and bestows on him a beautiful white fur ring around his neck.  You can see why Roux would instantly fall for this wonderful cat who is so kind and fearless, even when he himself is in peril.  The author cleverly weaves the belief that cats have nine lives and a sixth sense into the story, creating some heart-breaking moments.  The romance is very sweet, but balanced with scenes of danger and daring. The cast of characters includes a wonderful seagull named Horatio and an array of remarkable cats. I particularly enjoyed the fabulously French blue cat, Marmelade and the very aptly named baddie cat, Toxic.   It turns out Malkin’s destiny is to bring peace to two warring tribes of cats, a theme which will draw parallels with many of the events in today’s world. Malkin’s reluctance to use violence is very noble, a sentiment all will appreciate.   Friendship, kindness, bravery and family are central to this story as is the importance of looking after our environment.  A must read for anyone who likes cats!


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