The winner of the New Children’s Author Prize 2015 will be announced in May 2015.

The shortlist was chosen by a judging panel consisting of bestselling author Katherine Rundell, children’s book expert Nicolette Jones, Rebecca McNally, Children’s Publishing Director at Bloomsbury and National Literacy Trust Director Jonathan Douglas.

The six lucky authors to make the shortlist are:

  • Geoff Bagwell for Don’t Look Back
  • Camilla Chester for Jarred Dreams
  • Emma Cox for Malkin Moonlight
  • Julia Davenport for The Siege of Mafeking Street
  • Treasa Reilly for Gem and Ini
  • Jamie Smith for Scaled

Please see below for a synopsis of each of the novels.

Geoff Bagwell – Don’t Look Back

A phone rings. Nothing strange about that. Except the phone is in a litter bin outside King’s Cross station. Teenage friends Jack and Saphi are walking past. Jack takes out the phone. A moment later a bomb explodes in the station. The police want the phone. Jack’s about to hand it over when it rings.

Do as I say or they die!

A man’s voice tells Jack he’ll kill everyone Jack cares about if he gives the police the phone. He knows Jack’s name. He knows his sister’s name, his parents’ names. What does Jack do? He runs.

Camilla Chester – Jarred Dreams

Jarred Dreams is a modern-day fairy-tale set in the fictional town of Stanbridge. It tells the story of Sade, a bright, fearless twelve-year-old girl and the Dream Thief, a grotesque ghoul who steals children’s dreams and stores them in jars in his cellar. The Dream Thief feels threatened by the arrival of Sade – so full of colour and life and determines to steal her dreams.

Emma Cox – Malkin Moonlight

This is the story of a cat called Malkin Moonlight who arrives one night at a Recycling Centre. He has lost the cat he loves – his friend Roux – and is looking for her, navigated only by the thing inside: the sixth sense that all cats possess. The cats that live in the Recycling Centre and Malkin quickly become friends. He helps them fight their battle against the Putrescibles: the vicious cats who live on the other side of the wall in a stinking wasteland, and proves himself a valuable ally, but will he find his long lost friend?

Julia Davenport – The Siege of Mafeking Street

Two disturbing events in a single day send shock waves through the lives of Harry and his family: the news that their house is to be demolished to make way for a new road, and the arrival of their new cleaner, who sounds like the queen and who appears to have hypnotic powers. The resourceful – and overbearing – Mrs Hermione Binns is determined to save Number Six Mafeking Street, whether its owners like it or not…

Treasa Reilly – Gem and Ini

The scientists have lied to you. There are not nine planets but only two and these are called Thera and Earth. Earth is a planet of scientists. Thera is a planet of magical beings, elves, fire nymphs, tree spirits and dwarves. The two planets are joined at their cores by a pathway of learning which balances both worlds. Crisis looms. The pathway is dying and the risk to each planet is great. There is only one hope…

Jamie Smith – Scaled

From a village built on the back of a gigantic creature locked in combat with another, two children are about to change the lives of everyone they know.

One of them, a young and rebellious climber named Sam finds a message sent from the enemy. It causes him and his best friend Elly to see the war with new eyes, and begin to see the humanity in the enemy.

The prizes

First prize:

  • A publishing contract with Bloomsbury, which includes an advance of £5,000 and a print run of your work
  • Use of  “Winner of the New Children’s Author Prize 2015 from Bloomsbury and National Literacy Trust”
  • A prize ceremony in your honour, with press, authors and publishers in attendance

Shortlisted authors:

  • Use of “Runner up in the New Children’s Author Prize 2015 from Bloomsbury and National Literacy Trust”
  • Signed book bundles
  • Plus all shortlisted authors will be invited to attend the prize ceremony with the opportunity to meet agents, editors, press and others.

Read the full terms and conditions


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